Zjamieo-Snapchat Adding The News In New Format For Teenagers

Snapchat has been in news for plenty of reasons. The image sharing app has some specialties.

The app gives you the chance to share photos with a specified time. After that time the Snap

chat photos will automatically be deleted from the mobile of the receiver. The time is set by the

sender. The maximum time limit that can be set is 10 seconds. This is the reason of Snapchat

reaching the pillar of success and a popular app among people all over the world.

The vanishing magic

The vanishing of the pictures is the unique thing that has been first presented by the app. This

is the element of fun that is invoked among the users. The idea was to have fun with pictures.

Did you see the emoticons showing the different emotions? What of the emotions are displayed

by you by making faces? Your friend is sad and you send the funny face that will bring a large

smile on the face of your friend that is the fun element of Snapchat. We love the emoticons for

they are instant and simply depict our emotions. But when we do it yourself and send it fast like

emoticons this is much more exciting. This is the thing that is the philosophy behind Snap chat.

News introduced

Now the app is used for various other purposes and one of the serious things that are

implemented in this fun app is the news items. The platform is growing to accumulate news

stories. The media is even attracting this platform. The idea behind the media using this

platforms that the teenagers are away from news and through the feed of Snapchat this is the

initiative to let the young generation know about the current situation in the world and make

them aware about the events in the country. It is seen that the young crowds is gathering a lot

in the Snapchat and thus the style of Snap chat is being adopted by news houses to reach the

younger mass.

Duration of stories


There is a discussion that the news items will remain in the app feed for only 24 hours. In this

duration the user can view the item as many times as they want. But after that the app will

automatically delete the older news and give place to the new ones. This is much like the ad

feature of the app that also remains in the app for only 24 hours. The news that is old is not

remaining. This way the updated news items are always in the list of the news feed of the

app. Different news channels and radio channels are trying out this feature of adding news in


News in form of snapping

The news items that remain in the app are mot like the plain news clips that you see in the TV or

in the internet. The story is firmed in the forms of snaps. The snaps of the news contain captions

that depict the news story in brief. These photos vary from the formal news looks and much like

the snapped photos that are used in the app.

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