Yummy – new latest updates on Snapchat

Yummy – The recent reactions of the users on the new latest updates on Snapchat

The social networking app, Snapchat, which has become famous all over the world due to its features being best suited for sharing of pictures and videos with the friends have recently updated some of the features which is not liked by the users. Now, talking about some brief details about the app, it was founded by Evan Spiegel and some of his colleagues and since it was launched, it reached the peak of the people’s choice all over the world because of some of the unique features. Those features include the one touch sharing of photos, the disappearing of them automatically after a specific time to maintain safety, etc. In the recent times, the developers have felt the need to introduce some modifications and up gradations to the app to make its working smoother and give the users a better experience. Let us take a look at the people’s reaction to the up gradations in details.


The recent updates of Snap chat and the reaction of the people

First of all, there is a new feature called as New Stories which include a new screen. The main problem faced by the users is that it is consuming a lot of power and draining the batteries a lot faster than what it used to do before the updates were launched. The problem is being faced by all the users of the phones having iOS and Android. It means weather you phone is an iPhone or any Android one; your battery will drain at a very fast rate. So, that is a major cause of people’s dislike towards the new features.
Apart from that, the new design of Snapchat has kept the Discover front which eats up a lot of the data. So, it becomes more difficult to manage the mobile data limit and also leads to the slow loading of the images and videos that are sent by the friends. That is a real problem if you have to hold the phone in your and waiting for the stories to load and on the other hand, the data is used to load the useless things. A lot of users are complaining about the new features as they are making the usage of the app difficult.
Apart from that, the new features are also using up a lot of the CPU and they are also slowing down the devices system speed. This is also causing a lot of problems. Some of the phones are also getting heated up due to the new features. So, on a whole there are a lot of angry reactions on the new updates of Snap chat.
Some of the angry comments and posts on the various social networking web sites also want the developers to remove the Discover page as that is somewhat like something has been shoved up to their face and they hate it. So, according to the angry reactions all over the social networking sites, the developers should think about it and research to find out some better alternatives.

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