You tell em Sam -What is SnapChat app. pics from delete account-Snapchat Officially Bans The Third-Party Apps After Photo Leakage

Snapchat had started issuing warning to its users about linking third-party apps to the

platform’s API. It would even start locking the accounts of those who don’t comply with this.

Snapchat messaging app is a hugely popular service due to its unique feature of disappearing

photos and messages. Snapchat cleverly deletes the data including texts, images and videos

once they had been viewed by the recipient. However the abundant use of the third party apps

for saving those photos and videos by the users had resulted in the cyber attack which caused

the he photo leakage in October. Snapchat is now determined to bring in stronger privacy

saving measures by formally cutting down the use of such apps and ban the notorious users.

‘The Snappening’

In October this year Snapchat was in the center of an infamous incident of photo leakage. A

database containing over 100,000 photos and videos which were sent across the Snapchat

network were online by the hackers. The leakage resulted in stumbling of the thousands of

nudes images of the teenagers which accounts to the child pornography. This incident was

dubbed as ‘the Snappenning’ over the social media. Snapchat has blamed the third party

apps for this fiasco and claimed that there dedicated servers were never compromised.

Even in the past Snapchat has suffered a high-profile attack due to its ‘FindFriend’ feature

which resulted in the leakage of around 4.6 millions of the Snapchat Username and its

associated phone numbers.Turn Down For WhatTurn Down For What -sam in da shower – You tell em Sam -What is SnapChat app. pics from delete account

Snapchat Wishes to Soften FTC With Third Party Apps Ban

Snapchat has long been in troubles with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for various

security and privacy related issues. FTC had alleged the Snapchat for misleading and

deceiving the users and collecting the user information in the violation of its own policies.

Furthermore the third party apps had made it possible to take snapshots of the messages and

download data before it disappears. This rebuked the claims of the Snapchat that its content

is deleted and not stored in any manner.

Snapchat has agreed to revise its privacy policy after making a settlement with the FTC

wherein it will be monitored by an independent privacy service for 20 years.

Google Removes Multiple Third Party Apps from Play Store

Google had removed the Snapchat hacks from its Play Store. Google had initiated a deep

clean of its Play Store and deleted more than a dozen third party Snapchat apps. A basic

search for the Snapchat apps on the Google pulls up various cashed third-party apps on Play

Store but on clicking on those links would display a ‘Page not found’ notification. However

some of the third party apps like Snapchat Save Pics are still available on the Google Play


But the quick search for Snapchat hacks on the iOS still shows a large list of third-party apps

and they seem to up and running like before. The reason is thought to be no high pressure

from the Apple for removing such Snapchat hacks at the moment.

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