you said it-Breaking Confidentiality: Security Breaches Spilling It All Out in the Public Domain

Layered Security framework is not easy to comprehend, if understood then it becomes more

complex to implement in an enterprise environment. Top CEOs & CIOs of the companies have a

crucial responsibility to build their policies around these security frameworks to ensure

confidentiality, integrity and availability to the end user. Procedure and Standards laid by them

should not give any room for the hackers to exploit. They should appropriately understand the

risks in the businesses and the consequences of ignoring information security threats.

Many companies in its build-up stage ignore security as its core responsibility and tend to

concentrate more on sales or innovation as its primary functions. But breaches like Snapchat

Leaked works as a wake-up call for the both, the top most decision makers and even to the end-

users whose personal information is at stake. Snapchat is now world-famous messaging/sexting

app mostly known for itsself-destructive feature. Founded by Speigel, Snapchat now with its

millions of users across the globe find themselves in the 3rd most popular application in the

Google Play listings. In this application end-user have the freedom to set expiration timer on the

content they share which ranges from 1 to 10 seconds so that every content is volatile and with

this they can share there crazy/wierd moments without worrying it getting copied or saved.You Said ItYou Said It

Snapchat Leaked

Over 4.6 Million Personal Identifiable Information of End-User’sDumped Into Public

Hackers used simple SQL injection techniques to expose Snapchat’s Database. They have

dumped username and their partial contact information with missing last two digits to an online

website named which soon was brought offline in couple of hours. This shear

act of bringing thatDB dump website offline, in-turn confirms that hack was legitimate despite

Snapchat didn’t accept the same initially. The hackers also allowed downloading this DB dump

for anyone who wishes for short period of time after exposure in CSV format. To minimize

online spam or relative abuse hackers have omitted last two digits of the phone numbers but also

looked encouraged for the deal if some interesting party wants to buy that dump. With help of

area code or NPA-NXX it can be easily analysed that leaked contact numbers were largely from

North America which includes users from major cities of United States, also touching some parts

of Canada but missing major portion of South America.

What analysts say

Security Analysts have claimed that this hack was relatively easy to carry out as Snapchat’s core

has embedded function to match user with its phone numbers and with this anyone can view the

other person’s contact number, claiming that this bug was present from long time. Snapchat also

gave a public statement that they don’t have innate facility to let other users to view each other’s

contact numbers but they have assured their millions of end users thatthey are rigorously trying

to combat spam and abuses like this. To help panic end-users Gibson Security committee have

also complied a tool which lets people to search whether or not their information got leaked or

not so that end-user can identify and act accordingly.

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