Replay and special text as features of Snapchat – you know me funny guys

Snapchat gives you the provision to watch a video send to you once a day. For example if you are in a seminar or office or class you cannot watch a video with sound enabled as the situation is unfit to watch a video. So you can easily watch it later again but only once each day. Also with special text you can send large font texts to your friends pretty easily.
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Snapchat – Things which you should know

There are various types of features embedded in the new photo sharing and messaging application known as Snapchat which you can download easily. People who are not much of a phone person and do not know which application to choose and download for what specific purposes can download this application Snapchat if they want to share and upload photos and videos to the various social networking sites in the internet. It is a very limited description of Snapchat to be called or rather termed as a photo messaging application as it can do a lot more than just what is described.
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