It’s Confirmed: Snapchat app Photo Leak Results From Snapsaved Hack-you have hair

Last week was a extremely disturbing one for the Snapchat app users as thousands of their

photos were leaked online due to breach in a third-party website known as

Snapsaved had come up in the open and clearly taken the responsibility for the alleged re-
emergence of the private photos of the Snapchat app users in the public domain. They had

owed it to serious hacking in their website security systems.

Snapsaved service acted as the web client for the Snapchat app app which allowed the users

to receive photos and videos and even lets them save it. However it didn’t realised that any

breach or lapse in its site would result in leakage of multitude of photos and videos online.
You Have HairYou Have Hair

Quick Actions Saves Major Photo Leak

Snapsaved creators have asserted that they had ‘immediately’ deleted the entire database of

Snapchat app photos and videos upon discovering the breach in their website. It is being

revealed that around 500MB of images were stolen by the hackers which mainly belonged to

the Snapchat app users of American, Swedish, and Norwegian origin. Apart from the photos

not other vital and persona information was accessed by the hackers.

Snapchat app did a quick check to its servers to make sure that they are not compromised

after following the devastating news of the breach in security. It should be noted that the

Snapchat app users had been victimised by using the malicious third-party software

applications on their smartphones. Snapchat app has long been educating its users about the

perils of using unofficial apps to interact with its services.

Hackers Are Soon Going To Release the Content In The Public Sphere

Hackers are trying to organise the hacked data from the Snapsaved onto a new public

platform online which is expected to be a ‘searchable database’. However it is completely

unsafe to visit such treasure trove for the best reasons. The Snapsaved creators are

suggesting that such a thing is unlikely happen. Snapsaved person has said that the rumours

surrounding the snappening are nothing more than a hoax. Even the hackers don’t have

sufficient information to create a meaningful searchable database.

Disturbing Images Are About to Come Out Of Closet

The base of the Snapchat app users is predominantly teenagers aged between 13 to 17 years

and it compromises of about 50% of its total users. Hackers claim that their collection of

photos has a large amount of child pornography which even includes videos sent among the


The Snapsaved creators had apologized for the breach on the social networking website

Facebook and had assured the users that they had ‘always tried to fight child pornography’.

It has even affirmed that it is ready to reveal the identity of its users to the Swedish and

Norwegian Authorities.

The Snapchat app service was based on simple idea that the images once send would

disappear after an extremely short time. But the services like Snapsaved had jeopardised its

intent and the privacy of its users by intending to let the users save those photos.

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