you have hair i never even noticed-Sex trade through Social media Websites

Social Media platforms have some pros and cons within it. It’s meant to build for connecting

with more people at a time. But some ill mental people use this platform for sex trade business

or for sexting and stripping purpose. Online porn viewers are increasing rapidly throughout

the globe. For them it is very easy to reach the clients bed room with a click of mouse through


Ill practicing through Snapchat:

Snapchat is one the most popular photo messaging application of recent time. It allows to click

and shoot video and users can send it instantly within a second or twice to their recipients. Using

this particular application we can send any kind of picture to other users. There is no burden to

scan the data whether it is decent or not. With this drawback strippers and porn stars send their

naked or semi naked pictures to their clients. There is no space to check out your profession.

Anyone can easily download snapchat. Strippers are using this area to monitor their sex linked

business. A huge section of snapchat users are teenager or young adults. Strippers or porn stars

offer them lucrative and tempting deals by showing their skin or semi naked snapshots which

they can’t avoid to see. The whole process is also done over money transaction. Snapchat has a

snapcash option inbuilt in it. By this facility users can send money to other users. Only eighteen

years old users who have debit card accessibility in their hand can send money over this app. It is

very easy to mislead them and grab their money by offering temping images and private videos.

Strippers and adult content stars are exactly doing so.You Have Hair I Never Even NoticedYou Have Hair I Never Even Noticed

Steps taken by Snapchat officials to prevent sex trade:

The app is mainly based on sharing images. So it’s very common that you would like to share

any kind of photographs with your recipients. And in this application you have the capability to

remove the sharing object after certain period of time. So apparently it is very easy to remove

what you have shared. But forensic researchers have found that with the proper use of certain

smart software the dissolved photographs also can revive from the erase store. So Snapchat is

campaigning throughout the globe and emphasizing on clicking pictures wearing proper cloths.

Security level of the application is also trying to be high. Ethical hackers of the company are

working very hard on this particular issue. Experts also states that it is found that the internet is

exposing young children to nudity and pornographic images at an earlier stage. It has a very bad

impact on them. Research also shows children below ten are also sending and receiving sexual

pictures and snapchat videos of others and themselves through the mobile application. So the

company official announced “Community Guidelines” which are published under “Abuse and

safely” and tell youngsters not to snapshot x-rated materials. They also have announced and

decided those users who violate this terms and conditions will be banned from the application or

they will be suspended from using the app for a long period of time.

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