Snapchat looking to improve the revenue column by virtue of advertisement-yes they are

Advertising world is grasping the whole world; its latest grasp is snap chat; has made its debut

into the world of snapchat with a trailer of a film. Before serving to the cause of the delivering

the messages that is important and their prime motive they are creeping slowly into the world

of marketing and advertisement. In their blogs also is has been mentioned that they wanted to

provide an environment which is enjoyable and informative at the same time, the way the portal

is seeing the advertisement is not targeted or creepy at all.

It is a way of earning revenue, but the prime motive of providing a space for the social media

vibes to spread is also the part of the business. Many recent social media or they say it as the

“virtual world” is not free of being advertisement, by which they are providing information,

earning revenue and at the same time getting smarter as well.

Advertisers point of view

Being a billion dollar company such as snapchat, the ownership has transferred hands and the

present owner are pressuring on the column of revenue earning to increase and so they are trying

to set a target audience on which they are basing their business.

What better place to hit the business, than to play with a teenager age group who are mostly

found in this virtual space of snapchat. In the case the bigger marketing brand rulers, are looking

to utilize the space very preciously, but on the other hand according to experts the investments

might not provide fruitful results as expected.

The company’s ownership-holders wants to increase the valuation of the company as it will

indirect improve the capital of the company and will indirectly support the company.
Yes They AreYes They Are

How will it work?

The company has to keep up the balance between advertiser and followers and this step up their

business like all other social media giants. So keeping up with the pace of the company is equally

important from the point of view of the business and its users. In that case the company is main

motive should not be shifted to any other sources.

In the snap chat app there will be an advertisement that will appear on the recent updates section

of the app. You can choose the advertisement you want to indulge into from the above, as

suggested by the reports.

To sum up

It is clear from the above lines that the snapchat app is modernizing and making its way into the

big revenue earning world of advertisement. Its slow and steady start is start might be beneficial

or not will be clear until its users give a proper study after a few months. But the experts seem to

highly retrospective in their approach and are expecting a change in fortunes of the company.

Taking everything into consideration the user’s usage, the key to provide actual support to the

company might be in improving the facilities that they actually specialize in. The company at

this stage might have to think about strategies that might be improve the revenue column, but in

that sacrificing on the main concept is not at all advised.

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