What’s the reason behind the huge violation of online profiles?-yes they are 2

What is Snapchat?

As the name is in the news for the last two months now, more people are eager to know about

this app. As the name suggests it’s snap messaging app which is developed by Reggie Brown,

Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel. By this app the user can capture photos and record videos.

They can add text to it and also can draw on the taken picture. And the twisting part of this

app is the photo and video which are shared through it, gets hidden automatically from the

recipient’s device after a specific time as determined by the sender of that snap. The time

limit can be set between 1 to 10 seconds and it is claimed by the developer that the image

also removed from the server of Snapchat.

Thousands images are leaked including child pornography

But as a terrible report came into the media the security of the photos and videos which are

shared through it, is now in doubt. According to that report more than 10,000 videos and

images have been leaked by a team of hackers. It is said that those hackers were collecting

those images for few years. Those pictures were posted in “the Snappening” and in this

website a large number of child pornography is found. Half of the users of this app belong to

the age groups of 13 to 17.
Yes They Are 2Yes They Are 2

The developers are trying to remove the responsibility from their shoulder

According to an official of the app, the snapchat server is not the source of this massacre

and the server was never contravened. Now the question arises then how did those photos

come into the public. How hackers can violate the security of this app and why didn’t the

software developer of this app were not working over to strengthen the security of this app;

they were aware of the fact that people used to share their most private moment through it

as the developers give assurance of the fact those photos and videos will be disappeared and

there will be trace of those share photos and videos.

The official also claims that the users were victimized due to other third part app which the

users use to share their snaps. And they carefully monitor the Google play and App store to

remove illegal third-party application. However blogger Kenny Wither first warned about

this and said that it is the largest data violation of online profiles. This Los Angeles based

app also faced security related question earlier. Even in the last year the developers launched

another app named as SnapHack in which the user can re-open and save the messages which

are shared by the app without the knowledge of the sender. By a forensics firm the app

faced an announcement that find out a way toward those deleted photos and made a way

to download them again from a hidden location. And the explosive fact is that Decipher

Forensics an Orem-based firm claims that the app is saving the images. From here it is

guessed that that the serpent is in the sleeve.

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