Snapchat: An Image Sharing Application which now bundles real time video and texts

Founder & CEO ofSnapchat Spiegel has been in the new recently, as he has been listed by

prestigious Time Magazine as one of the world’s Top 100 most influential people and

individuals. Bobby Murphy the co-founder of Snapchat was also listed alongside Spiegel. The

reason of their listing is the decision making skills that they possess which puts them apart from

convectional CEOs. Be it the rejection of $3 billion offer from Facebook, dealing with data

breaches and information security attacks with Snapchat Leak, these all hurdles were like

stepping stone for them which only made them stronger and better. Snapchat have also crossed

Facebook in the number of daily photo uploads, which is another milestone as Facebook is wide-

spread in all communities across the globe.

The power behind the innovation

Only reason for touching and creating new milestones is that power of innovation and creating

the experience for end-users that it becomes part of their life and their daily routine. So far 2014

has been very busy year for Snapchat both in terms of shocking data breaches and also in the

context of innovation.Snapchat have recently introduced real time text and videos to combat the

messaging apps like Whatapps, Viber etc and also to give the user more functionality that they

were intentionally hoping for. This brings tremendous transformation in the end-user’s usage of

Snapchat and their interactation with their close-ones despite of being stereotyped as a self-

destructive app. With this innovation, Snapchat have broken the tag of just being content

sharing application and entered into zone of real-time texting and hang-out application.

Snapchat’s New Feature in Focus:

Now Snapchatapplications lets you to text inside the app with your friends and close one, but in

a Snapchatway, once you leave the conversation, yes you guessed it right, the messages

disappears. But users do have functionality to take the screen-shoot before leaving the chat for to

save the conversation. With this Snapchat hits right on the spot to preserve privacy of

individuals and yet giving them platform to interact and share their moments. Also Snapchat lets

users to call a friend in a moment’s notice. For example, two people are interacting in a text

mode; suddenly a person wants to show his new pet or anything he can totally change the text

mode conversation to video conversation in split of second just by pressing an icon when another

user is there in the chat. Spiegel with this innovate move wants to break the age old concept of

calling a friend, and then the phone rings and he answers. According to him, video sharing

should be spontaneous, unplanned that’s how people get close with each other and subsequent

moments build-up. Also he adds up that life is set of unplanned events, so content sharing and

interaction should also follow the same path to be more fruitful and engaging. Now Snapchat’s

competitors are also luring to give same set of features to the end-user after noticing Snapchat’s

success but the key differentiating factor is that Snapchat always provided new feature but stuck

with its own old concept of being self-destructive in the content sharing.

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