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Snapchat had always maintained that its messaging service is focused on deleting the photos

once they have been viewed by the recipients but this does seem to be the case. Snapchat

became a popular messaging service within a short time due to its unique disappearing photos

and videos feature, under which the content was deleted within few seconds of viewing.

Snapchat doesn’t actually delete the photos but keeps it hidden deep within the device.

Snapchat Makes A Settlement With FTC

Snapchat had agreed to settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for deceiving

its humble users at several levels. FTC has found Snapchat’s app to be partially secure and

even the company was involved in secretly spying from its users. The terms of settlement

even states that Snapchat has to allow the independent privacy auditors to inspect the

company for upcoming 20 years. It has been even warned to improvise its weak security and

privacy related concerns for the safety of its users.474-332x500Add me on Snapchat for nudes

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Why FTC Came So Hard Upon Snapchat?

Snapchat has always asserted that its messaging was extremely, reliable and ephemeral in

nature. And Snapchat business was built on this very promise of deleting the photos and

content within the seconds it is viewed by the users.

Snapchat photos have a self-destructing timer which deletes the picture after a certain time

elapsed. But recipients could easily save the picture on screen by taking a snapshot before it

auto-destructs. Snapchat had said that it is taking appropriate measures for strengthening its

security in order to keep the information safe.

Snapchat Photos and Videos Are Not Deleted In Reality

However it is also found that the disappearing videos and photos doesn’t actually vanishes

but these are stored in an unencrypted way deep within the device. Anyone with little bit of

technical knowledge could easily plug your device in a computer and could extract those

files. Snapchat had cleverly stated that “the photos are deleted from its servers” after it is

viewed by the recipients but it never says that “these photos are deleted from the devices”.

Snapchat Snoops Upon The Users

Federal Trade Commission has also accused Snapchat of quietly collecting information from

its customers. Company has promised that it doesn’t resort to tracking users but it has been

found that it follows every move of the user on Android platform.

‘FindFriend’ feature included in the Snapchat backfired upon the company after it ended up

uploading the entire contact lists from the iPhones without letting the customers known about

it. Hackers were also able to sweep out about 4.6 million contact information of the

Snapchat users and posted their usernames and associated phone numbers online.

FTC chairman has said in a statement that if a company markets privacy and security as key

selling points in pitching its service to consumers, it is critical that it keep those promises.

Even Snapchat has admitted its mistakes and had updated it privacy policy, app description

and notification to the users and made the app a much presentable one.

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