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Snapchat visualizing an inappropriate usage by the youth

Snapchat is one of the social media apps that are very popular among most of the youth today,

because of its fast and disappearing nature. The app was designated to send pictures, instant

messages and videos to people with the friend circle, but the recent inclusion to the pile of

features comes with ability of the app to transfer voice message as well. The app has named this

feature to be Chit-Chat. With this inclusion of voice message into the app, they have turned it

into a full-fledged media file sender app along with the instant messages as well.

On the ground of popularity, this app has taken over many other related apps in the market. In a

recent study it is claimed that app is counting roughly 8 million users or more, who are mainly

adults. It is also claimed that the youngsters, who share the most place of users pile are prone to

sending inappropriate photos of weak moments, which is a reason of concern from the ground of


Usage of the app

Snap chat is an app which has never seen a downwards market up till now, because of its

innovative features tally and huge fan base. And big companies are looking to utilize this fan

base and get its popularity reaching new height. Keeping this issue in mind Snapchat, which

was a no revenue earning company, now is estimated to have $60 million in its kitty.

This app is popular across all the popular smartphone platforms. The users of the app are more

prone into sending videos pictures and messages which has more adultery content. The users

of the app are sending them with a thinking that the pictures, videos that are send will be

disappeared after the stipulated time.

In appropriate usage

The apps are made to minimize the works of the people, but if the users of the app are using it on

inappropriate grounds it is not at all the mistake of the developer of the app. And today the social

media sites have been a breeding place for all the youngsters, because most of the parents today

don’t allow their children to socialize with a feeling that they will get prone to bad habits.

But children at a tender teenage is utilizing their knowledge of technology and making their

profiles on the social networking sites and then starting to make friends online without even

knowing them personally. After a few days of talking they are getting prone to inappropriate

usage of this website, which is also happening in the case of Snap chat as well.

To sum up

Snapchat is one of the most popular among all the social media apps in the recent times, and

its main fan base is developed because of the youth and its unique features tally. And all the

companies are looking forwards to utilizing this fan base to good effect, by promoting their

brands or developing a similar app. But critics are in great dilemma seeing the type of usage

among 8 million users or more.

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