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Why is SnapChat the next popular thing?

The new generation always looks for something different and SnapChat has all the qualities

to be the next hottest photo sharing app in the internet. More so because it is a more personal

medium as the photos and videos disappear within a specific time. Users find it very akin to an

interaction via phone which is really the most personal way of communication via technology,

unlike Instagram where you post your photos to a public circle. You can send the photo and you

have the control over the amount of time the receiver can view it, which can be a maximum of

10 seconds. Moreover, you will be notified if a screenshot of your sent content is taken. Even

though the image of this app had been marred initially because of the involvement with sexting,

evidences show that most users generally send funny photos to each other. In fact, SnapChat

aims at making communication fun and entertaining.
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The acquisition question

The CEO and co-founder of the app has explained that SnapChat is not going to follow

WhatsApp’s footsteps anytime soon. In spite of the great interest in the app platform and rising

comparisons with the other popular app, Instagram, SnapChat team won’t be giving itself off to

Facebook or any other giant service, as of now. The team aims at being independent and to retain

their long term customers. Going by the huge growth of the app, we can only expect the founders

to stick to this principle.

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