Wormy feelings

Taking a brief overview of its history, the app was developed and started by Reggie Brown

and Evan Spiegel under the name of Picaboo back in July 2011. The app had the facility

of sending 25 photos per second but with the increasing user base, the app started facing

difficulties and now, there are some 700 million photos and videos sent per day and some

500million views of the stories. So, that’s really a sign of some large number of users. The

developers also introduced a new tool, Snapkidz for the users who were below 13 years of

age. With the app, the kids could take snaps and could draw on them, but couldn’t send them

to others. The app was also made available for the Android users from late November, 2012

and recently on June 2013, the version 5 was also released for iOS.

Wormy feelings

Wormy feelings

The dark sides of the app and its misuse

Though the app may be a top trending and the most happening place for the teens, it has its

darker sides also. It has become a headache for most of the parents as a photo which once

uploaded, will be visible by the whole world. For this reason the developers made it into

an app where the photos, after the view time get expired, will be hidden and not deleted

permanently. This is a real issue when the sensitive photos are concerned.

Apart from that, about 47%of the users between 18 and 30 have reported the receiving of

nude photos from the users using dirty snapchat names. Apart from the selfies or self

portraits and the funny pictures or videos, SnapChat is often used for sexting or sending of

nude pictures. This is another dark side of the app. For getting more detailed example if you

open the app, you will always see some of the inappropriate stuff being uploaded by some of

the users with some dirty snapchat names. So, these are some serious drawbacks of the app.

The users should keep one thing in mind before uploading anything that one bad upload can

turn anyone’s whole life including the career and other related terms.

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