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Explore Your Creativity in Snapchat’s Website- Community Geofilter

Editing the images in Snapchat while snapping and sharing has always been fun. Photos can be

clicked and shared easily through many social networking apps but the photos that can be easily

edited and shared and which vanish after a few seconds can be more fun. The different filters in

Snapchat allow the users to depict their creativity and share it with their friends. The provision to

show your creativity can be fun especially when you can share it with your friends. The filters of

Snapchat enhance the photos and improve the experience of sharing.

What are geofilters?

Earlier this year Snapchat has launched its all new feature called geofilters which allows the

users to attach a location-based image to the photos to have fun snapping and sharing. It is the

fun way of snapping and sharing. The geofilters can be a place or a city or a business. You can

easily attach these geofilters and have fun snapping. Next time if your friend asks you about your

whereabouts, you can simply click a photo, attach geofilter about your location and send it to

your friend. This is a much better option than texting your friend about your whereabouts. The

geofilters will enhance the charm of your photos and your photos can express more than your

words ever can. You just have to swipe right to attach a geofilter in the image.

Various geofilters

Using the geofilters can be fun but have you thought that it would be more fun if you get to make

geofilters yourself? Well, Snap chat brings its users a chance to showcase their creativity and

upload their images to the system which will reflect unique geographical areas. The company

stated that the team of Snapchat had fun to create the Geofilters and used them to decorate some

of the favorite places around the world and they want to open vistas for the Snapchat users to

create their own geofilters of unique locations.

What is Community Geofilter?

The company launched a new website called Community Geofilter for the Snapchatters to show

their creativity in designing geofilters. The company revealed in a blog post that they have got

requests from the users to allow them to create their own geofilters for their favorite city,

birthday parties, marriage proposals, etc and attach it on the images. You will love to explore the

geofilters from the coffee shops to the coastal town but when you get a chance to create your

own geofilters and upload it on the website; nothing can be more fun than snapchatting.

To sum up

The team of Snapchat state that the geofilters designed by the users should be original and once

it is approved by the team, it will be available to all the users of the app Snapchat. Now you

can exploit your creativity and design a banner, little piece of art or a doodle and upload it on the

website. Once it is approved by the team, your piece of art will be available to all the Snapchat

users in that area.

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