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Snapchat is in under the lenses from the beginning of it. It was surrounded with controversies

from the arrival time.

What is Snapchat?

It is an instant photo messaging application jointly developed by the trios of Evan Spiegel,

Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. Using this application user can take photographs, record

video clips, add text or drawing and can send them instantly to family. Friends or close ones. The

unique feature of this application is, you can monitor who can see your forwarded data and how

long it will be shown to them you can also control that. This application can smoothly run both

in the iOs and Android medium. Not only it has the photo sending facility with in it, but there is

other feature also.

What is Snapcash?

If you want to survive long you have to accommodate some up gradation within it. Snapchat

had announced a new feature to the users. Snapcash is the feature within it which allows the

users to borrow or send money between them. Young adults and eighteen year old people

who have the access of debit card, can easily forward money with the help of snapcash. It was

speculated that the new feature has some sore point with in it.

How it affects?

Recent study shows that teenagers have the tendency to sending money to the stripper who

entertains them by sending their nude pictures to them. It has the easier way out to pay for

adult content. This particular phase of the application has a very strong notorious element

within it. Strippers, pole dancers and porn stars have discovered that those young teens have the

accessibility of debit card in their hand and with the snapcash option they can easily send money.

They also find that it would be very easy to target them. By offering nudity towards them, they

can easily capitalize the money. The New York time is reporting that a large number of exotic

dancers and adult film stars or pent house pets have taken to snapchat and started charging from

the followers for sexual photographs. They also deal in private videos. A photograph which has

a high level sex content with in it might cost around $5 and explicit sex videos could easily cost

near about $10 or more. We have to remind in our mind that snapchat contents are very limited

longibility in length and they are not permanent. That means parent also could not found what

their kid have done. It is really a peril to society. Young adults and teenagers have the fetish

for sex at that time of age. Their urge to discover about our body related queries are also very

natural. But some ill mental public tries to encash their innocent urge of knowing. The most

cause of worry lies in, only young adults and teenagers can handle snapcash and they don’t have

much experience how to deal with online money borrowing or money sending service. They can

also be fooled by those tempting offers because their debit card details can also be hacked. So

think twice before using snapcash and prevent your child from that area.

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