Wolverine fights boredom

Why Snapchat is inimitable?

Sometimes, it may feel really embarrassing when we later check the photos we have uploaded

in social network once upon a time and Snapchat wonderfully transformed this dormant need

into a business idea by creating an iOS photo-sharing app where once you send a content to a

friend, within 10 seconds that will be deleted.Also Snapchat satiates the cravings each of us

have i.e. selfie.

Snapchatleaked.com is the perfect extension where the Snapchat-ers can upload the images

in this free site once they are downloaded from Snapchat, and share them with friends


One can view what a novel idea Snapchat is; so there is no wonder that Snapchat had faced one

of the biggest litigations in tech star up genre in recent years over the question- who was the

creator of Snapchat?
Wolverine Fights BoredomWolverine Fights Boredom Ha ha ha


When Reggie filed the lawsuit, Snapchat was already valued a company worth $70 million.

This legal drama of Snapchat can be aptly termed as how to lose a friend in one-n-half year.

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