without panties next time?

Hackers threaten to leak SnapChat pictures- the inside story

SnapChat is a synonym for fun. You share silly selfies with your friends, send videos of

drunken nights of stupidity and sometimes, just sometimes you sext your significant one. All

in good humour, right? What’s more you have nothing to worry about because after all, the

shared content disappears within a few seconds and even if someone takes a screenshot of

your SnapChat picture, you are immediately let known so that you can charge them later.

So where is the problem? There wasn’t any till hackers announced that millions of nude

images of users aged under 20 and similar photos will be leaked online. How did they get

hold of content which supposedly disappear? Well, apparenty there is a host of third party

apps which have the ability of stripping the time deletion feature of SnapChat and get hold

of images. A big blow indeed. While the internet goes abuzz with articles bashing SnapChat

about compromising the privacy of millions of users, let us have a look at the background

Without Panties Next TimeWithout Panties Next Time

What is a third party application?

Any illegal or unauthorized application that can access the SnapChat API is a third party

parasite app. Users should know that SnapChat does not collaborate with applications like

this and neither have their database been compromised. These third party applications are

founded with the apparent objective of offering extra services to SnapChat but instead end up

doing massive harm to the users.

The moment a user provides a third party app with his or her credentials; chances are your

private details including the images you send are getting saved in that account. Hence

when a hacker breaks through the already weak security system of an app like SnapGrab or

SnapCrack all the user data become vulnerable, by default.

Responsibility of the users:

Faithful users of SnapChat are no doubt feeling betrayed and justly so. But if SnapChat can’t

be exempted from their part in this massive SnapChat leak, neither can the users be.

It is stated clearly in the terms of use and the conditions of SnapChat that the customer sold

never trust any application which is not the app’s own. So, if the user is logging into parasite

apps and giving away personal details in a jiffy, he deserves a warning as well.

Last note:

SnapChat developers are trying their best to take measures against what is turning out to a

regular field day for hackers. Already lots of parasite apps that have access to SnapChat’s

API, have been removed. Further steps are being taken to delete those apps which have taken

a secured place even in the tightly controlled platforms like Apple and Google play store.

The users are requested to take stringent measures such as giving strong passwords and not

putting their trust on any apps which look and sense suspicious.

This massive hack or Snappening as it is being popularly called must stop immediately and it

is the responsibility of every party involved to look into this and take necessary steps.

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