Winter bikinis screenshot to recover, save, and retrieve Snap Chat pictures online-Snapchat is ogling to achieve $ 19 valuation assessment

As per the news sources Evan Spiegel, the famous founder of Snap chat had declined the

offer of Facebook to buy this ephemeral messaging app for $3 billion in the year 2013 and

this news has spread all through the world. Now the company is trying to surpass as well as

to achieve far more valuation than the estimated value that was offered to them by Facebook.

Corroboration is taken place by PrivCo

According to a financial research firm PrivCo, Snap chat is putting up effort in order to

raise $500 million fund in cash at the latest funding session that will evaluate the value

of this instant messaging app up to $19 billion and they are now at the advanced stage of

communication with the esteemed fund managers. The person who has thorough knowledge

over the entire matter has confirmed the news of this endeavor. The latest valuation of the

app is an enormous increase in the valuation of this esteemed company. Snapchat’s preceding

funding session that occurred in the last year valued the app at $10 billion.

According to the CEO Hamadeh of this financial research firm the company is looking for

a reasonably subjective assessment of $19 billion as that was the estimation that WhatsApp

had received from Facebook. Sam Hamadeh also said that he had talked to chief VC firms

that finally signed the deal, and they are looking forward to gain an adequate amount of

interest especially from hedge funds, mutual funds as well as investors and through this way

Snapchat will soon achieve its targeted valuation or at least come closer to the estimated

value.Image3Hotties screenshot to recover, save, and retrieve Snap Chat pictures online

Spokerspersons of this Google app is still now maintaining silence over the subject

Though still now there is no confirmation message has been received from the spokesperson

of Snapchat and they have also declined to comment on the subject, which seems they

want to keep the news under the sleeves. But if the news is true then the valuation of this

messaging site will surpass the Palantir as well as SpaceX.

The world will be the witnesses of such incredible augmentation in the investment

spectrum of technology companies

It is the most recent proof of a swell in invest capital economics for technology companies,

that has generated some hard to believe assessments. Even with the value of $19 billion, snap

chat will come into the third position regarding to the esteemed tech startup that never trades

its shares in public. As stated by, the research firm CB Insights, the Chinese Smatphone

manufacturer Xiaomi is valued $ 46 billion as well as mobile application based taxi Service

providing Company Uber is esteemed at $ 41 billion.

The dramatic augmentation in assessment appears as this social networking site carries on

to plus to its involved user base and expands its service. Last month it included articles and

videos by major media outlets like ESPN as well as CNN, taking Snapchat into closer rivalry

with Twitter and Facebook.

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