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The Great Idea- Advertising and Snapchat joined together

Snapchat is the latest sensation among the young generation of mobile users. Any teen or

young adult today using a smart phone is raging about Snapchat. The uniqueness of this

application is that you can share photos and videos with your friends and within a time

frame of 1- 10 seconds the contents disappear. These features have allowed Snapchat 80

million users today and the numbers are rising every day. The app was founded in 2011 and

ran for the first two years without any ads. However, since its inception, the app had grown

even beyond the expectations of its founders and needed stronger and secure server systems

to sustain. This prompted the company to raise revenue through ads and thus opened up a

huge uproar in the market. Before the company decided to open its doors to ad agencies, the

company was barely breaking even.

Head turner

The decision to feature ads in the app was a head- turner. Many top companies are vying to

feature their ad through this app believing that it will give them a huge audience. To make

the maximum ripple effects of ads, we need to look at the target audience and in the case of

Snapchat, it is the young generation. Here are five ideas for big brands:

1. eBay: it would be a wonderful opportunity for eBay to showcase its products through

Snapchat. The users of this app are tech-savvy and featuring new products and offers

through Snapchat will give them a huge pool of potential customers. They can run contests

and offer users a special discount.

2. McDonalds: this burger house stands to gain a lot through ads in Snapchat. Featuring

their regular burgers and combo menus will attract the audience to their stores. Highlighting

family packs and combo menus will be very beneficial considering the holiday season


3. Adidas: it is a company renowned for its sports and fitness products. Adidas also has huge

range of personal care products in its arsenal. Featuring their ads in this season will allow

this company a foothold in the minds of the customers. They should also send coupons to

the users which allow them to buy products for their loved ones especially with the holiday

season approaching.

Apart from the special incentives of the holiday season, Adidas can also focus on sports and

can sell sports goods merchandise through this medium.

4. Universal Studios: featuring trailers through ads is a tremendous idea. This is a

blockbuster idea. Featuring first time trailers through Snapchat of their upcoming releases

will be a hit among the users.

5. Durex Condoms: this leading condom making company stands to gain a lot from

advertising through Snapchat. The young users get to see the ads while sharing private

videos or photos to their loved ones and in the process get reminded of the importance of

safe- sex and the vitality of condoms to avoid any complications in their life. Featuring their

ads not only increases their brand value, they create an awareness of healthy sexual behaviour

among the young users. Chat love sex Durex!

Apart from the above, there is a huge potential for various kinds of company to showcase

their ads and products through Snapchat. The disappearing nature of the ads gives the users a

free flowing interface.

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