Why Call Me Ugly Then-The founders of snapchat hit the 1 billion mark

If earning a billion dollars was considered to be quite an achievement that only a rare few could

get their hand to, times have changed drastically. An astonishing 1,826 billionaires have been

recorded to exist globally in a recent survey made to countdown the number of billionaires

presently existing out in the world. While some of the names that have existed in the list for an

eternity now and seem to have earned a permanent spot on it like Bill Gates (after being on it for

16 years now, it kind of becomes predictable!), some other new additions have really got

people’s jaws dropping. Among these additions, are Markus Persson, who is the creator of

Minecraft games and Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of snapchat.

Technology bringing in the big bucks

While people had to really think hard about ways to rake in the big bucks in the early days, the

answer to becoming both famous and rich seems to be confined in just making some cool

revelations like inventing a never-before-played game or start a social platform that gives people

a new way to express themselves. Mark Zuckerberg has now made a whopping 21 billion to earn

him a spot among the top 20 wealthiest people in this universe. It surely cannot be a coincidence

that 2 of the noteworthy names that have made the billionaire list this year is the creator of

Minecraft, which is the new breakthrough in the world of gaming and of course, snapchat,

which despite a few hiccups at the start, have made quite a reputation for itself and earned its co-

founder 977 pounds in just a year! Technology has grown and continues to take far reaching

strides in today’s world. Hence anyone who comes up with the next big idea that clicks is bound

to become the contributor of an epidemic among the youth of today whose entire world seem to

be revolving around technology nowadays.Why Call Me Ugly ThenWhy Call Me Ugly Then

The development of snapchat

The name of the co-founder of snapchat being included in the billionaire’s list made by Forbes,

the American magazine might come as a shock to many. The development of this app from being

almost shunned by almost all its users to becoming as famous as many of the social apps in the

market is quite a rag to riches story. While the concept of disappearing photos might have been

intriguing at first, it soon became fairly clearly that the very primary concept, which was suppose

to make the app sell as hot cakes in the market instead could end up landing it’s co-founders

behind bars. With a weak security system which took less than a few months to be hacked and no

way of checking indecency level in the content that was being posted by the app, the founders

were surely at a dead end. On top of that they had confidently refused a tempting offer from

Facebook, which is still one of the leading social platforms in the world. From that point, neither

snapchat, nor its founders ever looked back. And with a few adjustment and a lot of positive

promotions it is where it stands today, making its co-founder a billion bucks.

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