Reasons That Tell Why Should One Use Snapchat-why are we single I want a date plz

Snap chat is used very rapidly by all types of people nowadays. You can get addicted to such

a new messaging app which gives you the freedom to share snaps – photos videos and text in a

new way. You need to have the mobile device handy and snap chat is all yours. You can share a

lot of pictures together and they will be so much fun for you.
[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] In the recent times it is being heard that this phone application is used by various high profile companies as a means for marketing and promoting their products and services. Snapchat has proved to be an excellent business media for organizations to publicize their items and products easily to a larger group of targeted customers and also inform the other people about the company, its profile, range of products and services in a pretty effective and personalized way.
Why Are We Single I Want A Date PlzWhy Are We Single I Want A Date Plz.

Perfect Family entertainer

You can make your mother happy by sending the photo of the food that you have cooked with

her recipe. You can send a bouquet of flower to your friend on her birthday without going to her

place via snap chat. You can order a cake to the cake shop with the desired design that you like

your cake to be topped with.

Your best dress could be clicked and shared with your friends to make them feel jealous. Now

you can share some lovely moments with your cute pet and send the video to your close friend to

make her surprised.

Suppose you have missed the reception party of your cousin sister and you are upset with the

office works. Show it to your friends relatives and enjoy the real feeling of getting involved in

the party. You can easily share the photos and videos of the marriage party and can delete it after

a certain period of time.

Why companies want to use Snapchat?

[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] Prominent companies in the existing market such as McDonalds, 16 Handles, Acura, Taco Bell, GrubHub and last but not the least, one of the most eminent car companies Audi is now marketing using this phone application company to grow their clientele and business to a larger level and reach out to more customers in this way. There are various reasons why all the big organizations are tying up with Snapchat to promote and market their products and services, the first and most important one being the increasing number of Snapchat users which is still increasing constantly. Companies can easily reach to a large group of people who are currently using this phone application and on a very private level. Plus they will also know which users are reading the full message as it can be tracked via Snapchat pretty easily.

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