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This is the age of social networking sites and apps. In fact for a better communication with

friends and peoples those are abroad, the social networking sites and apps are the most helpful

medium. Snapchat is such a social networking site. It is among the most popular social

networking sites in this planet. It has a huge popularity among the teenagers. The specialty of

this app is it is a picture sharing app. The users can share their pictures or any pictures they want,

with their Snapchat friends. They are also allowed to share messages and videos through this

app. But there may be some reason to change the username and also to delete the Snapchat

account. Here are some important tips to for changing the username and for deleting the

Snapchat accounts.

How to change username of Snapchat?

Everybody has a username for using Snapchat. Many users like to change the username of his/

her account often. There may be also some reasons for changing the username of the Snapchat

account. If you want to change your username you need to go to your Snapchat browser link then

you need to type your Snapchat credentials. Then the page will ask you for re entering your

password, you need to do that. To change the user name you need to delete the existing

username, do this, and set new user name for your Snapchat account.Why Am I Single Leave Me Your Contact If You Want To Date Dating MeWhy Am I Single Leave Me Your Contact If You Want To Date Dating Me

How to delete Snapchat account?

If you need to delete your existing Snapchat account you need to do some formalities, which is

not a tough work at all. Go to the link where you have gone previously for changing the

username, and type your own password. Then you will find ‘’Delete My Account’’, press there.

Wait for some short time, your Snapchat account will be deleted automatically.

Snapchat use

Millions of people are now engage in this app to share their picture, video and message with the

Snap chat friends. The teenagers are the main Snapchat users. And they often share their private

pictures with their friends. They share their nude images, explicit pictures and adult videos. And

those cause the Snapchat leak. The hackers get insisted by those sharing and they hack those

Snapchat videos and pictures. The users get shocked when they see them naked in some

websites, and for that the privacy of those users get disclosed in front of the whole world. So, the

users are not finding any privacy in Snapchat app.

For using this social networking app the users need to be more responsible. They should not

share their extremely love pictures in this social networking app. There are also some third party

apps too, those allows the users to take screenshots of the Snapchat pictures. And thus also the

users can store any pictures they want. For that the users need to be responsible for choosing

friends in this app as there are some users those use this app for dirty purpose. If you use this app

with responsibility then there is no chance of any bad incident.

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