whoes arm is this -that is insamely hairy

Once any picture or data is on the SnapChat there are a thousand ways to share the data

throughout the internet because of the availability of so many features. Even though

the application has message disappearing feature in which the message sent by the user

automatically gets deleted automatically after a certain time. Still the recipient can take

screenshot of the image and can share it with other friends.
Whoes Arm Is This -that Is Insamely HairyWhoes Arm Is This -that Is Insamely Hairy

Shift in Generation

In the recent times there has been change in the way the social networking is done by

the people. At first when these social networking sites were launches the majority of the

uses were teenagers only. But with time people of all age are starting to adapt the term

Social Network. Need of the hour is to know the difference between public and private

data. Everybody wants to share the private life with their friends. The youngsters are too

aggressive towards sharing personal data on internet. According to the generation Y that

everything is exciting meant to go viral on net. The young blood loved exciting and extreme

things. They love to make things go fast. Often without even thinking they tend to upload

things on the internet without even giving a second thought. People tend to cause problem

with that.

However privacy and personal use are two different things and concept, and it’s not the

responsibility of the apps to make the user understand that, but the apps just let the user share

their special moments at ease. If someone is conservative about certain moments, pictures etc,

then they need to be responsible about the photo circulation in the social network.

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