who is more shocked just for fun stunner-Specialty of Snapchat- the feature loaded app

The recent darling of app world is Snapchat, if you want to find out the reason behind its

success then several reasons may come into your hand along its prime characteristic of

ephemeral messages. As it gives the users the freedom of ending ephemeral messages the users

start to send their most personal and private images through it with the confidence that after few

moments those messages will be disappeared automatically, hence no one can utilize them to

serve any foul means.

The users will be informed if anyone tries to capture screenshot of the image

Apart from this the developers also added a stunning feature, smart phone allows the users to

take screenshot, hence if anyone try to save the photo he can easily do it by taking a screenshot

of that received images. But the developers made an obstacle in between this; if anyone ever tries

to save the image by taking screenshot its unique technology will immediately warn the sender

by informing him or her about it. That means if anyone try to take a screenshot of your images

you will be informed about that and then you can take precaution as well.
Who Is More Shocked just for fun stunnerWho Is More Shocked just for fun stunner

Why ephemeral messaging app became popular?

Now a question may arise into your mind that how a messaging app became popular that does

not allow the users to save their cherished moments for eternity, those messages cannot be saved,

cannot be reviewed then why people are taking so much interest to this app? Nowadays most of

the people love to share their every activities with their loved ones, as instant message sharing

app have make this activity easier by inventing the process of sending images as fast as a

messages, people send numerous numbers of photos to their loved ones to show them their

regular activities. Though it can make the bond of the relationship stronger but one of its

disadvantages is that it occupies much memory space of the recipient’s phone, hence after the

introduction of Snapchat into the app world it instantly became popular as it never occupies the

space of phone or card memory as within few second the image just evaporates.

Share self-destructing videos as well

Not only self-destructing images but the users of Snapchat can send videos through it as well,

and just like the images those videos also disappear after a certain limit. The time limit can be

predetermined by the senders and as per few recent reports of tech world at present it is the most

favorite instant photo sharing app among the teenagers. It is more popular among the teenagers

then the grownups. It is assumed that teenagers love this app more because they can share their

private images without leaving any proof behind. They are free from the fear of getting rebuked

by the parents and they are also free from the anxiety of becoming the prey of cyber crimes and

subject of cyber bullies. It is claimed by the developers of Snapchat that those images are not

even saved in any server.

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