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Snapchat Breaking Its Ice: Launching Marketing Campaign to Expand Its Business

Marketing is an art to promote one’s business. People are unwilling to listen and are very

restrictive to change their choices. Marketing is a skill to convince the user, capture his attention,

transform his thought pattern and make him realize the message the product’s owner is trying to

convey. Many market ad campaigns frustrate or annoy the user as they are not well thought of

before launching. Well thought of marketing campaigns increases product’s sales and its turn-
over. Snapchat a famous image sharing app which is most popular among young teen-agers with

more than 10 million subscribers are stepping into the domain of market. They recently have said

that we need money to function properly and these ads are the means to earn and flourish their

business. They said it will be weird but they are ready for this exciting new venture.

The controversies

Recently Snapchat was involved in a lot of controversies when hackers leaked snapchat

photos. Snapchat photo leak does hampered its image but they quickly have modified there

core security structure so that in future they can eliminate this kind of incidents. With this

modification they again gained user’s trust as they are encrypting every photos and videos to

protect it from sniffing and intercepting hackers.
Who Is He Woke Up Naked Yolo He Just Farted AwkwardWho Is He Woke Up Naked Yolo He Just Farted Awkward

They are not forcing content

Snapchat is not forcing the content to be viewed by end-user; these ads will only be showing up

in daily stories or feeds. As most of the users get annoyed from the force and auto-play content

so snapchat learned this lesson from its counterparts and decided to play it safe. These videos

will appear in recent updates not as private massages and user will have an ultimate choice to

decide to view these ads or not. But this is only an initial move, and later they can migrate and

make these ads mandatory like Youtube. These ads will also not be targeted to specific group

of people as Facebook does because they don’t have much information about likes and dislikes

about the user. Also analysts are doubtingand questioning the capabilities of snapchat to make

money like some of the other social networking sites does. Only fear that analyst predicts that

these ads might be intrusive and can turn-of the user’s personal experience. Analysts say s

napchat should be very careful when to draw the line and let the end-user stay as a free entity.

Snapchat’s idea of advertising

Snapchat is very confident with its marketing campaign and added that they want to deliver an

experience which is a combination of fun and information. But as snapchat has millions of users

in its database, so information for some means annoyance for others. So this aspect should be

taken care of before making this innovative move. Customizable ads feature should be present so

that end-user can dictate his own choice and preference over the subject matter of ads he wants

to see. This way only, the young users of the app would not feel pushed by the content; and

would start taking interest in ads if they are comfortable.

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