SnapChat Leaked doesn’t Means It leaks Your Pics-who carrying who

There are very few apps in the application world that reaches the peak of being downloaded, and

being so much popular, like SnapChat. One of the most popular apps of the present era, this

app has set new records in the history of application of social networking and messaging world.

Recent news confirmed that this app is one of the most used apps amongst teenagers.
Who Carrying WhoWho Carrying Who

Would you need any specified mobile for this app?

No. This app supports both Android as well as IOS. Thus, you need nothing extra or specific to

use this app. Just buy a smart phone that supports other apps and it will support this app as well.

Mostly you will see snapchat android being downloaded, but that does not means that people

do not use snapchat IOS. It’s just that most phones have android in it and thus snapchat android

is downloaded more.

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