White boy Crazy-Snapchat Is Breaching The Terms By Leaking The Photos

Privacy is really a matter of concern in the age of digitalization. Human trusts more on apps and

software than real people. Thus the appeal to Snapchat is so much. Snap chat is the app that

promises to look after your security concern about your private photos. The Snapchat allowed

you to send anything and everything and stated that everything you share by Snap chat will

be deleted after a specific time. The time limit is 10 seconds and after that the snaps will get

automatically deleted. You can even give fewer time limits according to your preference. This

sound great but actually it is not the case.

The screen shots being taken

By simple means the snaps that are sent by the Snapchat can be screened with apps that allow

taking screen shots of such photos. Thus the embarrassing and the explicit messages have the

chance to remain forever on the mobile of the other user and it has been seen that these images

are further shared in public forums. Snapchat Leaked is one of the public online forums were

the leaked photos of the Snap chat will be there for public viewing. Even some pictures that are

of explicit nature were given to the police by the company officials itself. Everyone is disturbed

with the false promises that are given by Snapchat. The federal government is to take actions

against the false claim.White boy CrazyMeowmix

The agreement with FTC

According to the reports of the New York Times the company of Snap chat has already stated

an agreement with the FTC. This is because the company has lied the customers that the photos

will be disappeared forever. But the investors are not at all rebuking the company. According

to the deal done the company of Snapchat will be prevented from the misinterpretation of the

terms of confidentiality and privacy of customer’s information. The company will also start a

program that will take care of the security of the clients. This privacy program will be monitored

for the next 20 years. If the company does not do what told the company will have to give a fine

according to the agreement.

Breaching of terms

There are numerous ways in which the images of Snapchat can be saved. Even the user names

and passwords are saved by the company. This is also breaching the terms stated by the company

initially. The federal commission has given warning to the company. They have ordered that

the usernames and passwords that will be taken should be informed to the user. Without the

prior information and knowledge the private information cannot be taken. Earlier the company

promised that none of their usernames and passwords will be stored. It is seen that the terms

that were given by the company at the launch of the app is not worked upon well to fulfill all the


In spite of all the news the users who have been using the app will not stop using it but it is a

warning message sent to you. The pictures that you are sending with the initiative of being funny

are not remaining a matter of fun anymore after getting leaked.

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