where is the head looks like missing face

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Where Is The Head Looks Like Missing FaceWhere Is The Head Looks Like Missing Face

Snapchat is vulnerable- so says Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

It seems the innocent gestures like how to make friends and sharing with them our fun and

instant moments- have their repercussions too. And Snapchat download-ers may also feel

worried after hearing that EFF has given Snapchat the worst rating of one star, in its annual

report about the internet companies and their security maintenance, in May 2014. Snapchat

showed poor protection methods of securing the public data. And for those who think that the

removal of contents within 10 seconds guarantees confidentiality- it turns out that those deleted

images are retractable by experts easily.


Whether or not govt. is keeping an eye on Snapchat- is debatable. But one thing is for sure that, it

won’t lessen Snapchat earning hundreds of new users every day.

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