when you add someone on snapchat – snap chat friend add-Snap chat disappointed many youngsters and youth after the hack

Snap chat a free social media and photos sharing app for display of all those pictures that do not

want seen. One can share as many number of stock photographs as one wants without any

hesitation or boundation. But this app could not keep up its promises and broke the laws

mandatory to be followed by any social messaging app. This app was hacked by hackers and

many secret photos and videos of today’s youth were intercepted. It broke the faith of many

youths. This was the worst period for snap chat users as inventors could not keep up their

promises and hence violated the extreme trust of its users.

Causes of decline of this app.

 Snap chat made it possible for any user to trace phone number of any snap chat user.

Because of this drawback comes the decline of this app.

 Sometimes back there was a snap chat based app which was in discussion named snap

save this app was actually created by hackers to hack the photos of youths. This is the

another cause of decline.

 This snap save software actually works for the hackers it saves the photos of youths in

this software as soon as they are entered in this software and when there was a large

amount of videos and photos gathered together hackers intercepted all those photos and

videos. All those secret photos which friends shared amongst themselves were revealed

in front of everyone hence keeping youngsters and children dumbstruck and shocked.

 This app make millions of its users in a very short span of time with some very unique

features. But all this came to end very early. Of millions of users of this app 90% are

youths as youth age is an age of friends and it is only the age of sharing secrets and funny

stuff. This app allows youth to share all that intimacy secretly but all this comes to an end

as all the promises made to the youth are broken. Their secrets were revealed to the

public by hackers.

when you add someone on snapchat - snap chat friend add
when you add someone on snapchat – snap chat friend add


Snap chat has a very poor history among the users it has always mistrusted its users and due to

all these problems it has lost its trust. On the very special day of everyone’s life when everyone

was enjoying parties and having fun on the day of new year youth came to know about the

problem of phone numbers being leaked on this app. And this has stolen all their happiness from

them and then after resolving many bugs and by the advent of apologies being raised by the app

makers youth fall for this app yet again but again they were rewarded with mere helplessness.

This time their photos and videos were intercepted amongst all. Now there was no space of

apology left for this app. But still inventors managed to regain the trust of their users with the

whole new security system launched and the result was still this app is as popular as it was

before hack. So nothing ended on a sarcastic or drastic note. Rather snap chat created history

which no other app could ever create.

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