Third Party Apps- A curse for teens-when I do my brows nobody knows

Technology is beneficial to us till then unless it unveils our privacy. An unlimited use of

different types of application in our mobile leads to the leakage of our private moments.

Snapchat is a well known mobile messaging company who has close dealings with these

modified apps. This company restores its user’s snaps in their memory. But the hackers for

encasing their own interest publish them in online. That is why the photos fall in danger.

What snapchat officers had to say

It is said by the Snapchat official in a mail that the sole responsibility of this mishap goes to

the third party software company. The photos and videos exist for a short time span are sent

by the user through this application. They are unwilling to take this blame on their shoulder. In

their condition of use they strictly forbid the use of third party apps as it comprises its client’s

security. On the basis of a report of disclosed snaps it cannot be said that if the hackers had

peeped the software containing photos deceived from Snapchat.
When I Do My Brows Nobody KnowsWhen I Do My Brows Nobody Knows

Misfortune or a boon

Like whats app and face book it is very popular among the teens. It is their misfortune that they

don’t have any idea about the leaked files comprising naked photos of them which have already

been published by the hackers in online. These activities are criticized by the global people and

the respective company also becomes the victim of it. Business Insider suggests that there is a

possibility for the hackers to collect the photos from the third party as they give the liberty to

save the snaps of the said organization. A database of the stolen snaps has been created by an

online forum 4chan. Tal Klein, the vice president of a firm Adallom, confirms that some photos

posted on 4chan were circulated earlier in online. He recognizes them for the digital signature

which ensures the fact that they have their existence in his company’s database. This suggests

that the incident might be fictitious too.

How they made up for it

Along-with the teenagers some of the actresses’ photos have been posted on online by the

hackers. Different accounts had been cracked to get nude pictures. To stop these illegal

activities Snapchat has charged U.S. regulators for breaking their commitment that the snaps

on it will be vanished forever ever. Photos on this app can be restored by applying different


Therefore, if someone wants to secure his or her privacy, their pictures should be kept in

desired hands. They cannot complain if they are unable to have control over it. Sometimes few

celebrities complain of the stealing of their seductive photos in spite of desiring more fame

and fortune. You can procure your pictures in a hard drive from where none can do any sort of

mischievous thing, but if you keep it in a local drive you cannot demand its safety and security.

The teenagers and the older one both should be well aware of this practical truth.

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