what your shorts call that hercules plz-Reviewing the privacy and security policy of Snapchat for a quality user experience

The company Snapchat started its IT venture with the expectations of maximizing its business,

earning profits and all was going well until it became the victim of its own privacy and security

policies. This resulted in the hacking of the company systems and millions of accounts were

hacked, photos associated with these accounts were stolen and in some instances photos in the

private domain were made public much to the discomfort of the users. Though the messaging

startup boasted of a secured service to its customers, but it failed to prevent the occurrence of

such a debacle.

The accusations

As a consequence the U.S. regulators accused the company of cheating the consumers by making

certain promises pertaining to safety and security of the photos. As a matter of fact, the company

earlier claimed that there is a system inherent in the app that helps to delete the photos after a

certain period of time.

Owing to the hacking debacle that brought disrepute to the company, the US regulators ensured

strict actions against the company that incorporated a settlement deal. Under the terms of the

settlement, the privacy policy of the company will be monitored by an independent agency for

the next two decades.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, for any company, not just Snapchat, it is very

important to adhere to the clause and conditions of the privacy and security policy of the app.

Therefore, from this observation, it becomes all the more important for the company to keep the

promises that it gives in the privacy and security policy.

In this regard FTC made a series of observations. It found that the photos sent via the app could

be saved by recipients using a number of methods.What Your ShortsWhat Your Shorts

Collecting personal data

It also found that the company collected personal information about the users without their

permission, consent. Simultaneously, the company failed miserably to take adequate security

measures resulting in a situation that led to the hacking of millions of user accounts registered

with the company. This caused important data like user names, phone numbers of the customers

to land up in unsafe hands.

On their official blog, the company Snapchat acknowledged the existence of certain lacunas in

their earlier versions of the app. It also emphasized that it is a new enterprise and looking

forward to developing its products. It admitted that their past experiences had led them to make

certain alterations so far as their privacy policy is concerned. The company representative also

said that the users should go through the privacy policies carefully before using their products.

They further added that their modern versions of the app are immensely popular among the

users. The popularity can be explained from the product reviews where customers, users spare no

words to praise the company for its products, services. A section of the user community also

indulges in giving advice pertaining to the up-gradation of the product. The company in such

cases, takes special care to include features as and when required simply to augment the

efficiency of the app.

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