what -take video and making droid video on snapchat-The Popular Advertisements Of The SnapChat App

Snapchat app with its unique features of photo sharing has gathered 100 million users in the

last three years after the app introduced. The advertising is the latest thing that is available in the

app. The advertising of popular brands has increased the numbers of users. The best part is the

app is selling the space for ads to earn revenue. The brand names that have associated themselves

with Snapchat are aware of the popularity of the app. Hollywood has also chosen the platform to

promote the trailers of latest movies.

The video ads

The video ads that are present in the space of Snapchat are interesting. The ads are chosen

wisely as it should go with the fun image of the app. Thus the users of Snap chat will now get to

see interesting conceptual ads while using this app.

Discussing the ads of different brands

Domino’s app is giving the opportunity to buyers to give their orders as voice messages. The

users get their favorite pizza just by giving the voice message. The interactive system is cool and

is represented well in the ad that is being played while using Snap chat. The latest feature of

technology introduced by Domino’s app is thus being displayed through another technologically

advanced Snapchat app. The companies that are planning to give ads in app are Apple, Hp,

Tesla and Yahoo.What -take Video And Making Droid Video On SnapchatWhat -take Video And Making Droid Video On Snapchat

The Snikers ad

The Snikers ad featuring Mr. Bean in the ad campaign is seen in the app. The ad displays the

evergreen Mr. Bean and how a bit of snikers makes him powerful. The ad is portrayed with lot of

humor and fun content in it. Thus the app goes perfectly with Snap chat. Snapchat also gives a

lot of concentration that the funny images remain for fun only. Thus the snaps get deleted after

the share of laugh.

The Gorilla ad

This ad is another ad that is adding a lot more humor into the interesting app Snap chat. The app

thus only gives place to such ad that will be share the same philosophy of the app. The gorilla ad

of Chips Ahoy also focuses in making the ad funny and innovative.

The Foot Locker ad

The ad of NBA star James Harden has the amazing ad on the app. Other than showing the

innovative techniques of doing a basket the ad gives you the idea how a video can become

popular through internet. The idea of the ad is influencing the people to share videos through the

app. Thus the ads that are there in the app are somehow related to the ideas of the app and the

technology of internet.

The other popular brands that are sharing space in Snapchat app are Johnnie Walker, JPMorgan

Chase, KLM, Royal Bank of Scotland and may more. The main reason why the reputable and

popular brand names are getting into providing ad to the app is the popularity of the app. The app

is this considered as the place where the brands can get more opportunities to get exposed. A lot

of users use the app and thus the app has gone to a position where it can be considered to be a

profitable place for ads.

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