what snap on tools can do in poster frames

How to get started with Snapchat?

The installation of this app is easy. You just have to register with a password after downloading

the app and then add your friends in the contact list in Snapchat. After you have logged into your

account, you can take a photo or record a video and edit it with doodles or captions. You just

need to set the timer for 1to 10 seconds within which the photo or the video will self destruct

after it is being seen by the receiver. If the receiver wants to preserve the photo or the video then

he or she can take a screenshot and the sender will receive a notification about it.

what snap on tools can do in poster frames

what snap on tools can do in poster frames

Why using Snapchat is a better option than using other social networking platforms?

• Self-destructive images: The main reason of its growing popularity is that the image

or the video self destructs after it is being viewed by the receiver. If you are snapping a

funny picture and sending it to your friend then you can be sure that the picture will be

lost in only a few seconds. But if your friend manages to keep a screenshot of that snap,

then your funniest snap may get viral among all your classmates the next day.

• No headache to delete snaps

Unlike other social networking platforms, you do not have to take the headache for

deleting a snap which you don’t like as it will be lost in few seconds.

• Snap is visible to a particular person

Your other friends will not be able to see what a particular friend is sharing with you and

vice versa. So, now you can keep your secret only with your best friend.

• Snap messaging is fun

Sharing messages and expressing thoughts can be fun and involves innovative ideas. You

can snap anything and send it to your friend by adding a small caption.

• Snapping is fast

You may require a bit of time to type a message and then send it to your friends.

Snapping it easier on the other hand and a picture expresses more than words sometimes.

If your friends ask for the exam dates, you can snap him the whole schedule for the exam

and he will not disturb you again.


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