What is Snapchat and know what it has got in store for you

What is Snapchat? Know what it has got in store for you

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Heard about Snapchat? Yes, it is new in the market and within a short span of time created quite a buzz in the market with its amazing features and all new and cool characteristics. Many of you guys are aware that there is a new application in town which is known as Snapchat while many of you are still unknown about any new application being present in the market. For those of you who are not well aware of this new application Snapchat here is a very easy and simple tip for you on how you can find your more about this brand new application in a few uncomplicated steps.

How can you know about Snapchat?

Many of you must be wondering about what are the steps which are being talked about here, isn’t it? Well, here is a hint for you – ‘web media’. You got it right folks, by means of internet. Everything can be known by means of the wed media as the various search engines present in the world of internet has the knowledge about each and everything under the sun, being stored in it.

All you have to do is to type in Snapchat in the search engine used by you such as Google, MSN, Yahoo or Bing and you will get various results in several websites dedicated to this new application. See, how simple it is! For internet savvy people it is a piece of cake gaining knowledge about Snapchat.

What is Snapchat and know what it has got in store for you

What is Snapchat and know what it has got in store for you

What is the application Snapchat all about?

People who are aware that an application named Snapchat exists in the market often wonder what type of application it is exactly and what are its features. As it is new in the market people do not know for sure what does it exactly do and how it is different from the various other applications found in the android, windows and iphones. Let’s talk about what is Snapchat so that your confusion regarding the application is cleared to some extent.

Do you know what kind of phone application is Snapchat? It is a photo messaging tool mainly used to send and record photographs and videos in which you can add texts and even drawings to make the pictures, commonly known as snaps more fun and cool. As this application comprises of photos which are called snaps and videos that’s why the name Snapchat. This application has loads of other interesting features which you will not find in any other application present in the market nowadays.
[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] Even though it is newly launched in the market but more and more people from all across the United States of America are using this application mostly for taking ‘selfies’ of themselves which is now one of the most followed trend all around the world. Do you know who all created this exciting application? Well, this application was developed by two people who are Evan Spiegel along with Jonathan May. But this application was completed by the students of the very famous Stanford University after which it was released.

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