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Snapchat- the ephemeral app

Snapchat in a way challenged the very idea of social network. Most of us are eager to leave

some virtual memories in terms of photos, texts, videos for the future generation to see. But with Snapchat. That is not the case as within 10 seconds, it deletes the contents which you have sent off to your friends.

Though there is the extension of Snapchat in the form of snapchatleaked.com which allows the

Snapchat-ers to download their photos from Snapchat, upload them in Snapchatleaked.com and

share with friends in a more permanent way’ the iOS photo-sharing-cum messaging app thrives

on the nature of its temporarily and anonymity.

Whether we start protest march or not, almost each of the powerful governments of the world

from now on is going to scrutinize the internet, and keep an hawk-eye of data that may seem

to ‘threaten’ the national integrity, even in front of the harsh glare of media. In this respect, what is the better way to invest your time and energy on sharing picture, texts, videos and other personal tid-bits than a medium like Snapchat- which gives you the scope to hit your goal of delivering the contents to others, and then, instantly erasing them from the virtual space?
What Happen To The Right Side ArmWhat Happen To The Right Side Arm

The paradox of the users

On one hand, we love to share the most intimate picture, information of our lives with others

in digital public domains; on the other hand, we forget that it’s us, who almost presented the

sensitive data to government on a platter and later blamed it for violating personal space. If this

not a contradiction, then what it is?


Snapchat defies the rule of social network by stating that- a photo or a message is not created to

have a lasting moment, but its beauty lies in its fleeting existence. Now it’s going to see whether

it will also attract the frown of the government.

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