what do you want whats next to me-Is Snapchat triggering pedophilia and child pornography in digital space?

Who even knew three years back that, Snapchat- which launched in 2011 and swept a whole

generation off their feet with its distinctive photo-messaging feature; one day can be counted

among one of the real social networking threats, by none other than Federal Bureau of

Investigation? But one may get real confused about- what is there in Snapchat that has forced

FBI to sit up and take notice? The answer lies in the ‘very’ USP of this android app and i.e. – its

photos of ‘disappearing’ nature.

How pedophiles can pose as dangers in social media?

Though social networking sites have opened various avenues to connect with people from

different parts and making friends, predators with perverse streak of minds are gaining

strong footholds in social media each day. The cyber crime departments have taken up many

campaigning programs to aware a large part of teenage populace about the sexual threats. But the

pedophiles, being the smooth manipulators as they are, still execute useful tricks and trickeries to

victimize innocent kids.

From operating prostitution rings and porn forums online to cyber stalking- there are many layers

that fall under child pornography and pedophilia in social media. The lack of consciousness

among teenagers, regarding their behavior and responsibility in social media platforms are also

to be blamed partially. From accepting friend request of unknown senders to exchanging explicit

photos with them- it needs a huge and deeply-penetrating knowledge-campaign worldwide that

can eradicate the problem of- naïve teenagers falling prey to sexual predators every day.What Do You Want Whats Next To MeWhat Do You Want Whats Next To Me

Why Snapchat is on the radar of FBI?

Snapchat faced wrath from many corners when for the second time in its history of existence,

it fell prey to the hackers. In October 2014, few days after the shocking mass-leak of celebs-
nude (or ‘The Fappening’) pictures took place online; Snapchat was attacked by the same

hacker-group 4chan. It hacked a third party server and leaked approx 100k ‘deleted’ pictures of

Snapchat users (The Fappening), who are mostly teenagers.

This incident brought the skeleton – called Snapchat security out of its closet. There had been

repeated confirmation from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel that- Snapchat takes utmost care

of its users’ data and other contents. Despite the claims, in December 2013, Snapchat had

been challenged first time by hackers when they leaked million of Snapchat users’ contact

information. However, one can understand that revealing personal data can have its own

financial motives, but when leaking of 100k private photos is involved (where most of them

belong to boys and girls from 13-17 age group) – a parent or a cyber crime cell of a law

enforcement department only can fear of child pornography or pedophiles laying their hands on

those leaked photos (many of whom are suspected to contain nude images, though the percentage

is uncertain).

It once again proved that the ‘deleted photos’ of Snapchat are not at all deleted. They can be

restored back by several hacking apps and third party applications that make it easy for sexual

predators to use Snapchat as their hunting ground.

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