what do you want me to do -everything -144-Sonic Promoting The Latest Drink Through The Ad Feature Of Snapchat

Advertising is the new thing in Snap chat that is the latest reason of Snapchat remaining in the

news. Snapchat is the app that has been in the titles for various positive and negative arsons.

The recent updates will now have news feeds and advertisement. Advertisement means revenue

thus the revenue generation of the app is increasing. The company who is hiring the space of

Snap chat is Sonic. The latest promotion of a new drink is marketed through advertisement in

Snapchat. As the ad remains only for 24 hours the ad had been popular in the social media for

only a day. Snapchat has revealed the new flavor to the people in the mode of advertising.

Why Sonic chose Snapchat

Snap chat is the app that has made photo sharing a lot more fun with the disappearance feature.

The photos are set with a time limit after which the photo will get deleted from the mobile of the

receiver. The fast food company chose something that is really fast like Snapchat. The drink

after being promoted through the app is now going much more popular than earlier. This is

because of the fact that the app is populated with a lot of young crowd.

Attracting the teenagersWhat Do You Want Me To Do -everything -144What Do You Want Me To Do -everything -144

Companies like Sonic are thus planning to put something very catchy in the ads. The ads

designed for publishing in the app are to be precise and effective. The challenge is to present the

service or the product in a way that it is able to sell the popularity within those 24 hours of that

app being in the Snap chat. The ads are also designed keeping in mind the teenage. Thus the ads

that are posted in the Snapchat have the teenagers as their target customers.

Effective and short ads

This is the first time the app is giving companies to give ads in the space and is charging money

out of it. The company authorities are happy as they are expecting good revenue out of these

ads. The advertisement that will be there in the app will tell everything briefly. Thus the ads

are made in accordance to the need of the app. The database is presented through the ads rather

than generating information will actually give interest to you. Some ads are there that takes a lot

of time to come to the actual selling point and ultimately loses the interest of the viewers. This

is not the case in the ads of Snap chat. The ads are simple yet interesting. The users have the

choice if one wants to see the ad or not. Thus the ad makers have a lot of pressures while making

the ads that will present in Snapchat. It will be just like stories. You have to be creative and

effective in 24 hours.

The ads have terrific content and have no relation with the apps. The apps are no way advertising

the app and only focusing on a particular company’s service and products solely. But the ads are

made keeping in mind the philosophy of the app Snapchat.

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