Patent Can Make Snapchat A De facto Camera App-what do you think my finger or what

Why it’s difficult to be a prototype of Snapchat for any other social site or app?

The technology that Snapchat uses is called the ‘single mode visual media technology’. With

the help of this patented technology, taking selfie or recording a video in Snapchat feels like

cakewalk in the fastest way. You can take a photo through Snapchat by tapping the in-built

camera button, and also the same button is instrumental while recording a video, when you hold

down the button for up to 10 seconds.

There are thousands of new users internet is gaining everyday and for many of them, even the

plainest ways of taking images or recording involving some multiple steps always seems like

frightening. There is no doubt that Snapchat’s one-button-for-all technology is one of the biggest

reasons for which this iOS messaging app perceives the dispatch of over 350 million ‘snaps’

every day. And also kids of these days, who most of the time lack patience, count heavily on the

extra few seconds they can save while using their camera buttons.
What Do You Think My Finger Or WhatWhat Do You Think My Finger Or What

Why Snapchat is ahead over others with its camera button?

Poke, which Facebook has launched into the market while keeping an eye on the features of

Snapchat- has also a swift capturing procedure but firstly, you need to select between the still-
camera mode and video camera mode, after that you have to wait for few seconds for the camera

to load, and then you should click the button.

Again Vine- the video only service of Twitter also has a smooth user interface but lags behind of

Snapchat as photo-taking is not available here.

Instagram has wooed the world with its beautiful, filtered photos but when it comes to video

recording in Instagram, one has to wait for the camera to shutter, shift to the new screen, and

press and hold the button while recording. Naturally an impatient you may feel wasting your

time while the world moves on.

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