well i would have put it milder-Snapchat Discovery- Would it add value to the brand or not?

Snapchat is going to do something better and bigger in coming days and that is called Snapchat

discovery- the newest feature of the app that has given birth to enough hullabaloo in the Silicon

Valley. Snapchat discovery will not only cover news articles, music and videos but also this will

contain sponsored advertisements. Already there are big brands like Taco Bell, GE and Coca-
Cola that have shown interest to board this train called ‘Snapchat Discovery’. But there are few

issues which are concerning the trade-pundits about the success rate of Snapchat discovery as a

brand-building exercise.

Snapchat Discovery- how cool it is?

In July 2014, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel stated in a tech summit that in future, Snapchat is

planning to make it a full-fledged business conglomerate. And in order to achieve that, the

company is going to take some calculative steps to raise capital. And Snapchat Discovery is

the first step towards that path. This newest feature of Snapchat will be placed under the same

section that has Snapchat Stories.

So far the greatest USP of Snapchat is its pictures that are ephemeral in nature i.e. once you

send pictures of yours to a friend, once the receiver views it or after 10 seconds of sending,

they will be deleted. True to its core ‘product’ offering, the contents along with advertisements

of ‘Snapchat Discovery’ will also be temporary in nature. Though few sources related to

Snapchat Discovery team has confirmed that not all of the ‘stories’ or ‘news’ of ‘ Discovery’ will

disappear after 10 seconds, rather, Snapchat will host news items, videos and advertisements of

different lengths.

To build up ‘Snapchat Discovery’ as the greatest project the android app has ever taken up-
Snapchat roped in some of the biggest names in industry. There would be traditional media

company like Time Inc. which has an iconic status in the business. On the other hand, the tech

start-ups like Buzzfeed, Vice and Spotify- which represent the same young, hip and cool vibe

such as Snapchat- will feed to the demands of content in Snapchat Discovery.

With so many dazzling brands coming together in partnership with Snapchat, there is no doubt

that Snapchat Discovery will hog the limelight once it comes to fore. But the question remains-
Is Snapchat Discovery worth the attention and sponsorships from the big advertisers?Well I Would Have Put It MilderWell I Would Have Put It Milder

The ‘apparently’ grey-areas of Snapchat Discovery

Recently, Snapchat has inaugurated the ‘Discovery’ section by releasing an ephemeral trailer

of upcoming horror flick ‘Ouija’. There are few marketing analysts who later debated over the

point that- the advertisements of Snapchat Discovery are ‘too short’ to even hold the miniscule

attention span of the viewer. Its like- too many brands are fighting for a short space and for that

reason only, nobody is standing out. Also they questioned the relevancy of placing ads of reputed

brands alongside with advertisements for products like penis enhancements or ‘big booty call’.

So far, Snapchat Discovery has been successful to attract media glares and user-attention to the

T. Now it’s to see -whether this uproar will last long or is going to fizzle out.

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