well erm yea-Instagram into Marketing via Video Ads: Probable prospects to be aSnapchat Killer

Competitors are the biggest threats for any business besides the underlying security risks.

Competitors are people who keep innovators on their feet and always push them to wear their

thinking gears. There is always very little margin for error, if any analystspoorly estimating

business figures and their innovation strategies, then whole business has to pay for it. To keep

business running there has to be constant mapping between changing user requirements and

application’s provability. Any deviation in laying marketing strategies from user’s interest can

incur businesses huge loss of subscribers and profit levels.

Snapchat’s Video Marketing Campaign

After careful analysis and learning lessons from Facebook’s mistakes, Snapchat headed into its

marketing campaign by promoting Universal Studios movie, Ouija, a horror movie which

attracted many teenagers by its marketing content. This 19-second marketing stunt from

Snapchat was success but still few teenagers didn’t like push content concept and many

marketers didn’t have proper estimates to calculate how many subscribers have actually viewed

the total content. Snapchat have later promised to revive its own content philosophy keeping in

perspective of the teenagers with low tolerance level. But a limitation with Snapchat is that it

only has millions of subscribers but they all are confined into one single age group.Well Erm YeaWell Erm Yea

Instagram: A Facebook Owned Company Hops into Video Ads

After series of testing end-user behavior and response patterns Instagram finally launched video

ads after closely and intriguingly working with the associated brands. A majority of people who

hates ads have a strong opinion that video ads has a more consuming effect than just a picture

ads which only require glance of a split second. As instagram is image app so they should have

only stuck with image advertisements. Instagram signed various deals to show 15-20 seconds

autoplay videos from Disney, Activision, Banana Republic etc. Disney is promoting their own

film, Big Hero-6, videos of animated characters showcasing selfies. Promoters of Call of Duty

said with Instagram who has millions of subscriber base who are mostly mobile centric so there

content will be properly absorbed and promoted. As Instagram has more variations in targeted

audience and subscriber base so its video ad campaign is gaining more populartity and reaching

mass audience as compared to its competitors like Snapchat and Twitter.

The advertisements

Banana Repulic is promoting the women’s fashion from their first ad. This advertisement is

made by use of Hyperlapse, Instagram’s own video capture standalone platform with introducing

time manipulation effects in the ad. Executives agree that promoting ads via Instagram is very

handy marketing too as it lures the ability and capacity to reach people of diverse age, gender

and geographical location. This subscriber base is definitely missing Snapchat as it confines

himself in a specific geographical location with limited age group of people. With support of

Facebook promoting through Instagram is a marketing opportunity which no vendor wants to

miss. So all market researchers are giving heads-up for this Instagram initiative, let’s wait and

watch what future holds for them.

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