website to see snap chat and apps for saving snaps

Get to know more about SnapChat:

This app is basically a photo messaging app, using which you can exchange your feeling and

express your heart out to your friend and family, and with someone special. The best feature

about this app is that you can pics, after editing them with a timer, which will make the pic

available to the receiver only for a fixed time. After that, the pic gets permanently deleted from

your phone and from the receivers’ phone as well.

website to see snap chat and apps for saving snaps

website to see snap chat and apps for saving snaps

• Send Pics of the various phases of your relationship: Send the place where you first

met, or click the picture of both of you in college magazine, where you first met and add

a picture heart to it using this app drawing features. Click the picture of the gift that you

got from your valentine on your first anniversary or birthday after your relationship and

add valentine heart pictures all around it, to give it a special feeling.

• Send selfie: Send unlimited selfie of you surrounded by picture heart, or by valentine

heart pictures and add caption saying you love him/her. Every selfie like this will bring

a smile on your valentine’s face. It will sound crazy, but honestly, who doesn’t want

someone to be crazy about them.

• Send pics of friends who brought you together: sending friend pictures who brought

you all together will also be a great way to cherish old memories, and adding them in

a group and adding a caption where you thank them for your Valentine, will make it

extremely special and beyond words to be explained.


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