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Snapchat has gained its popularity worldwide, because of its easy and quick communication

process. Basically, Snapchat is a social networking app used by people to communicate

through snaps or pictures and videos, by sending these to the person of their choice from their

Smartphone’s contact list. This app is supported by any android phone and on those phones

having iOS. The main features that Snapchat holds are photo sharing and social networking.

Due to its interesting features people have accepted it widely in US which results in a survey

of 500 million people sending images and videos per day. It has gained votes of many people

who find the Snapchat app very interesting.

Talking about sharing images, Snapchat has put on some limitations which help to maintain

one’s privacy to some extent. We know that how personal it is when it is the matter of own

images and videos. Any negligence to it can force us to pay a big penalty. So, keeping this in

mind Snapchat owner has introduced one feature as safety parameters. It is that if a person

sends an image to any person from his or her contact list, the recipients van view that image

for 10 seconds only. After that the snap disappears and gets deleted. It has no backup which

can be used later on for good or bad means.

Another interesting feature of Snapchat is people can communicate through online chats

with a group of friends or professionals who are the members of their contact list. Video chat

can be done as the app prompts whenever your friend is available. It helps you to take the

screenshots from your smartphone and send it when and to whom you want to. Using of

Snapchat is very easy. All you have to do is download the app in your smartphone and install

it. The Snapchat app is available on Google as well as apple app store. The highlighting point

is it is available for free of cost. So just simply got to the Google or apple app store and

download and install it from there.

After you have installed the app successfully in your smartphone, now create your account

through which you can get connected to the people you want to. Now when you have created

your account add friends, family and colleagues number to your contact lists. Now you are all

set to use the app.We Want A Date Dating Is Fun Contact UsWe Want A Date Dating Is Fun Contact Us

How to use Snapchat?

Take a picture that you want to send. You can either click it or download it. After you are

done with the snap selection, add a caption of your choice. You will find an icon displaying

pencil. Through this you can draw whatever you want to on the snap. Set the time that you

want the recipient to see. Then select the person from the contact list whom you want to send

the snap. And then send.

How to view your message?

Open your Snapchat app. You would find all messages prompting as notifications. Tap on the

message you want to view. It is all same for image and video. If you wish to see the video

again you can do so by tapping on replay.

So enjoy your social networking with Snapchat.

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