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A New Service Launched by Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world; it is used generally for sharing pictures.

You can share images, videos, and massages with your friends, through this app. The objects

shared in snapchat are called ‘snaps’. Many snapchat users, specially the teens between 13 to 17

years, are sharing their intimate pictures, love pictures; that cause the snapchat leak. Hackers

are able to hack those users’ accounts, and they spread those hacked objects in various websites.

The users get shocked by watching their intimate pictures on other websites, those specific

images they shared on snapchat. Users have to know what is Snapchat. What its purpose is? It

is a photo sharing app. The users can select time for the duration of their snaps. The receiver can

view this snap only for the selected seconds. After that the objects disappears automatically from

the app.

Snapchat launches new service

Snapchat has launched a new service for their app called Our Story. The users can share their

story with their friends in snapchat. Our Story service will be added with the friend lists of every

snapchat users by default. Once you touch on the small icon like Venn Diagram that place on

the right of your account name on the ‘My Friends’, snapchat will provide description. In this

new service the users will get a lot of new facilities. They can share their story as well as pictures

with their friends through this new service of snapchat.

The teenage users of Snapchat

The teenage users of the snapchat app will be mainly attracted by this new feature of the app.

The teenagers are the main users of snapchat, so, this new features will get a huge market among

those boys and girls. A report says that the half of the total snapchat users is the teens. The

United States teens, aged between 13 to 17 years are using this app the most. So, this new service

‘Our Story’ will be popular among those boys and girls.

Huge market of Snapchat

The market of snapchat is very good now. And the popularity of this app has been increasing

day by day. Almost everybody of us knows about this social networking app. The total user of

this app are 27 million in this year, it was14 million in the previous year. In a very short period

the app has become one of the most using apps in this planet.

The new feature of snapchat ‘Our Story’ will get a vast popularity among the users of snapchat.

Snapchat does not allow its users to store any pictures and videos from this app, so, the user can

only view the sharing snaps. Though there are many hackers too, who are able to hack the server

of the snapchat, they are responsible for the snapchat leak. Many third party apps are available

too in the market those allow its users to take screenshots from the snapchat. Thus the users who

use this app in a bad purpose can store any pictures they want from the snapchat. So, use the

app with more responsibility.

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