wanting more-Like sports streams even academic institutes have turned to make the most of snapchat

Brochures, admission forms and all those things have become so old school at some degree.

Technology has changed our perspective. Every one wants to do something new and innovating

in their respective field of jobs. Colleges and universities have turned to use the best of

technological advancement. Using papers and pointers for the promotion of the colleges and

universities or for the admission process has become so obsolete stuffs these days. People have

turned to do it with a touch of novelty. Some academic institute’s persons who are in charge of

admission process have said that they have found it a matter of great amusement to use mobile

applications for the sake of admission and related issues.

Academic establishments turn to use the technological improvement:

Academic institutes have accepted the way to use the wide range of facilities provided by the

snapchat application. Unlike paper and brochures, all that has to be done here just to click on the

images or video have been sent from the website of the chosen academic institute. On opening

the sent video or image you will come to know whether or not you are selected. There are many

such applications but most of the academic professionals prefer to make communication via

this particular app because they feel that this app has a touch of personal. It gives a sense of

familiarity and for this reason most of the academic people prefer to stay connected with each

other and make a direct contact with the students. According to a report published by a renowned

daily, it came to know lately that colleges and universities have started their program for

promotion on the apps like snapchat and hey have said to the interviews that they have found this

app to be mostly useful for its easy to use system and the photos that are taken at some special

moments vanish after a certain period of time. The time limit for each image and video has to be

set by the sender of any academic institute.Wanting MoreWanting More

Sports arena and academic stream make the most of the app:

It is said that academic field has taken their inspiration from the sports arena. Athletes are more

intended to use this app when they are off screen. A group of sport persons have confirmed

affirmatively that they find the app amusing as well as very helpful. When they are in the field

to perform their duty they are some other persons and when they are off screen and out of the

mood of professionalism they are completely different persons. They capture their moments with

others and make funny poses to enjoy their free time. They prefer to show the world their height

of craziness. The app snapchat has made all the things possible.

To sum up:

Both the field os sports and academic have become way too influenced. Mostly the academic

personas are more interested in taking the range of advantages provided by it. Now it has become

so easy to tell the students about the admissions and remind them about it by issuing photos for

websites of the institutes.

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