Be A Selfie Freak And Share Your Expressions With Your Loved Ones-want my fake pat

With camera in all phones taking a selfie is the next cool thing that is done by all. The camera

was there in the mobiles earlier also but the android and the windows phone have introduced

the front camera that has spread the fire of selfie like anything. Everyone is taking a selfie

everywhere and every time. They love to see their expressions captured at happy and sad

moments. They pretend and make funny faces just to take selfie.
Want My Fake PatWant My Fake Pat

The special ones

Among many horrible yet funny snaps some expressions pictured might actually be very good

that you can share with all. May be you can try something unique with your facial features that

other’s cannot. You can share your uniqueness with all. Your friend or you yourself can share the

snap that you wish to be permanent on the SnapChat Leaked. You can upload it yourself in the

website. Even the friend whom you are sending the snap can take a screenshot as the snap is sent

and upload it to keep it forever.


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