want a drink with me snapchat video leak-Snapchat Reveals That Its Photos Don’t ‘Disappear Forever’

Snapchat had boasted of having a unique messaging service which offers disappearing

videos and photos on its messaging platform. After undergoing a legal settlement with

Federal Trade Commission in May Snapchat could no more claim legally that the content

sent and received on its service platform is ephemeral in nature i.e. the pictures and videos

gets deleted forever after a certain interval.

FTC Slams Snapchat For Deceiving the Customers

FTC had claimed that the Snapchat had deceived its customers by stating that its messaging

service doesn’t allow saving of images. But the application market is filled with multiples of

third-party apps which facilities the saving and opening of the Snapchat images with ease

and simplicity. Apart from that FTC has also blamed Snapchat for misguiding its users about

how the personal data is collected and how much securely it is stored on its messaging

platform. Snapchat had agreed to avoid contesting this case in court by actively settling the


This settlement with the U.S authorities has an interesting term in its settlement which might

not go down well with Snapchat. Snapchat is expected to enforce a compulsory privacy

strategy that will be kept track of by professional privacy monitoring personnel for the

coming 20 years.Want A Drink With Me Snapchat Video LeakWant A Drink With Me Snapchat Video Leak

Loophole in Snapchat Claims of Disappearing Photos and Videos

Snapchat had always maintained that its messaging service doesn’t stores the picture and

videos forever in its network and gets it deleted within quick time. But FTC found grave

loopholes in its messaging service structure which leads to re-appearing, downloading and

saving of the snaps shared by the Snapchat users.

One such deceiving strategy includes providing the users with misleading information which

creates a false sense of security. In its official complaint from October 2012-13, the FAQ

page on Snapchat’s website mentioned if there is some way for viewing images after the set

time expires, to which the site answered as the snaps do not disappear after time expiry.

But FTC found evidences and ways of making the pictures reappear, download as well as

save through the deployment of third-party applications. Snapchat does allow these other

party apps to communicate with its service through a programming app interface. These apps

easily invade the privacy of the users either by themselves or by other and ends up in saving

video and photo messages. The Snapchat users were kept in dark about these practices and

were provided with a veil of false security.

FTC Asks Snapchat To Boost Its Security Measures

FTC complaint had also accused the popular messaging service of several security failure.

FTC even believes that such bleak security protocol implemented by the Snapchat is a

reason behind the leakage of millions of Snapchat user accounts and cell phone number last

December. Snapchat requires the new users to enter their mobile number which is supposed

to be associated with their specific Snapchat accounts. But it doesn’t have any system in

place to verify whether that number is same as the number associated with the device on

which the app is installed.

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