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Did Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy also mislead about the intention of building


When Snapchat launched into market, it created the right amount of buzz among the next-gen

of internet users with uploading, sharing and deleting made so easy, but for the older generation,

the idea seemed lot more shady as- disappearing contents within 10 seconds equated with sexting

and then deleting the proof.

Though Evan Spiegel repeatedly denied this accusation, he always mentioned that he got the idea

of Snapchat when a friend of his in college once exclaimed that, he wished the images he sent to

his girlfriend could have been disappeared.

Later Reggie Brown claimed that he was ‘that’ friend of Evan Spiegel and during Oct 2013, in

the ongoing lawsuit, the former in his filing included an e-mail which Evan Spiegel sent to his

professor who did a research in 2011 about sexting, showing interest in the research.

The e-mail contradicted heavily with the ‘clean’ reputation Snapchat portrayed so far.


Snapchat’s legal drama showed the rivalry, stealing ideas, jealousy that running in the veins

of tech industry. Though the two parties went into a settlement at the end, it will remain an

interesting case study for business management.

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