wanna bang lorena so bad yo it hurt-Stunning Proofs Reveals That Snapchat Doesn’t Delete Pictures

The Snapchat diehard fans and regular users will be shocked to know that Snapchat doesn’t

completely deletes their ‘snaps’ as it promises. For those who are in habit of sexting it’s a

rude shock that their privacy is invaded and their secrecy is compromised to a great extent. A

YouTube video is being circulated on the popular social media network and other groups

which had stated with stunning proofs that Snaps are not completely deleted as expected.

YouTube User Discovers The Pandora Box In Snapchat

A YouTube User name Nick Keck had a uploaded a video which shows with essential proofs

that whatever content you share on the Snapchat messaging platform doesn’t really

disappear. He had affirmed that Snapchat is not habit of deleting any content whether it your

nude pics or shared as a part of sexting habit.

Decipher Cleverly Brings Back The Extinct Pictures

Few weeks before it was reported that a digital forensics company named Decipher was

actively extracting the Snapchat snaps which were thought to be extinct by cleverly

manipulating the file extension ‘.NOMEDIA’. Decipher had charged the consumers with a

whooping $300 to $500 for extracting their pictures by doing a simple change in file

extensions. Keck’s videos has helped in disclosing this ‘evil stunt’ casted by the Decipher

upon the honest and humble Snapchat users. Now the users could easily save their hard

earned money and could also extract their snaps by themselves.Wanna Bang Lorena So Bad Yo It HurtWanna Bang Lorena So Bad Yo It Hurt

Snaps Could be Extracted from within the Device

Snapchat users had grown in manifold in past few months due to its disappearing messaging

service which makes the pictures and snaps disappears within a short while. This means that

the snaps could never be resurfaces by the sender and even the recipient can’t view the image

for more than a few seconds before such snaps self-destructs.

But this doesn’t seem to be case as per the video proof present on YouTube. Keck’s video has

revealed that Snapchat doesn’t actually deletes the photos but it buries within the depth of

the device. This video also makes it clear that the normal users could extract their snaps

without using any data-mining or file-extracting software or without even using a computer.

Keck Reveals the Path For Extracting In Simple Manner

Keck has formulated a simple path for iPhone users wherein users are required to go into his

iFile app to find the root of the data. Then click on ‘var’, ‘mobile’, ‘application’ in this order.

Finally a series of folder appears, users should look for the ‘20D’ named folder which keeps

all the deleted videos within ‘tmp’ folder.

Snapchat has happened to store every photo (in Android OS) in a folder named

‘RECIVED_IMAGE_SNAPS’ and an extension ‘.NOMEDIA’ is added before each photo

file which makes its extremely hard to find but not impossible. This is shows that the

Snapchat has deceived its users by claiming that they delete the content within a short while

but with this it was found they were actually saving the snaps. The best thing is that it is

saved within the device and could be extracted with ease.

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