Advertising Campaigns and Snapchat’s Recent Ventures-wakey wakey

The mobile messaging company Snapchat announces that the publication of its first ad in the

US will take place in the coming weekend. To bring a change in the revenue earning this ad has

been planned by the company people. It is advertised that the real revenue has been increased

to a level of $10billion.This application has different compartments. A particular compartment

has been finalized to view the ads. The particular compartment is Recent Updates. The sections

containing images and videos will not be capable of displaying the newly made ads.

What they are saying

The company is saying that they will not pressurize the user to see it by putting the ads in their

personal profile like pictures or conversations. Only an advertisement will appear in the selected

section and there will be options of time of your choice to view it. It will come in the screen in

between a particular time gap. Most importantly it will disappear after having a look on it or after

a day. Above all it is their demand that the product released through this ad is very simple.
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The ad event

Vanity Fair New Establishment conference is the venue where the new ads would come, said

by Mr. Evan Spiegel, the joint founder and CEO of the company. It is also told by him that the

ad is all about the history of the company which is reflected through some pictures which can

be viewed for 24 hours. In a very short span of time the folk will be surrounded by our stories’


The social networking sites like Face book Twitter and Snap chat is giving high importance to

this mobile advertising. As a result of it Face book will grab 17% share of the US cell phone ad

market whereas Twitter is going to capture the 3.5% of it.

The snapchat story

The division entitled as “Recent Updates” is the receiver of the snapchat stories launched by the

company in the previous year. The most popular feature of this story is the “our story” feature

which constitutes the glimpses of some memorable occasions. Among those college programmes

of various statures are included. If the advertisement is done using proper method and skill

only a then a good business can be executed and a handsome return can be expected. Proper

marketing will justify the reason behind Face book’s interest in taking over Snapchat.

Though money is an important factor behind the introduction of advertising, providing quality

service is not a less important matter. Experimenting with several ads Snapchat has begun its

journey towards advertisement. In case of giving precise content to the users, advertisement

supports a huge. Snapchat has committed to produce lots of innovative products in a continuing

process to give the people a great surprise. They will do that not only for their own financial

benefit but also for the feeling of love they have for their work. Only then a new project can be

run successfully through the whole world and the objective of it can be fulfilled.

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